Helping our customers to improve information system performance and quality in order to meet business requirements and sustain their growth.

While keeping this goal in mind, we are focusing on developing a simple, robust and efficient solution.

Our experts are committed to reach or exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our story

ezOptima is a subsidiary of POESI Software, specialized in information system performance. Learn more about POESI

ezOptima is born out of the expertise and the experience of POESI’s teams. Back in 2013, POESI has to deal with a customer expectation : understand and find the root-causes that their users encounter. Existing solution and tools were failing and lacking efficiency. That is when POESI has got the idea to search for root-causes from user’s perspective, instead of searching them from the datacenter’s perspective like the existing solutions. The solution had to catch user experience and transform it into exploitable data in order to understand incident root-causes.

In 2014, the first draft of ezOptima comes to life : a simple and efficient solution with a strong added-value. Very quickly, first results were observed. Our customer has been able to identify incident root-causes and fix them. Two years later, ezOptima is commercialized.

Since then, dozens of large organisations selected ezOptima and are very satisfied. Some of them already decided to globalize the usage of ezOptima throughout the entire company.

2018 seems promising, fundraising will allow wider commercialization and the opening to the European market.

Our values



Innovation is part of POESI’s DNA : ezOptima is a true innovation. We are utterly convinced that ezOptima brings progress, strong added-value, and disruption.



First of all, integrity is the dedication and the loyalty towards our customers. It is also the respect towards our great employees. These commitments are contributing to reinforce mutual trust off all committed stakeholders.



Quality is essential. Our ambition is to improve information system quality and performance. Our solution has to work flawlessly and meet all your expectations.

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