A powerful tool to increase incident resolution rate. Automatize data gathering, accelerate diagnosis and incident resolution.

Why ?

When it comes to come up with a diagnosis, getting a sense of user experience and collecting relevant data are the two first difficulties brought up by IT teams. Report takes out these difficulties in order to reduce resolution time and improve user experience.

Report in a few clicks

Reporting an incident becomes immediate and easy. No need to switch to an other application to fill out endless forms or to lose time over the phone. Report allows users to report incidents where they happen. Reporting an incident is now easy.

A button to report

Automatic data gathering

User path transcription

Automatic ticket

Customizable form for each application

Compatible with all kinds of application

Seamless integration

Protection of sensitive data

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Data protection and security

Report includes a filtering system in order to protect sensitive data as well as personal data. The right to access data is controlled with user profiles and all connections are tracked for audit purpose.

Powerful incident tracking tools

Data collected by Report allows you to visualize user path and understand what happened on the workstation. Your IT service management team will finally get a sense of user experience when incidents happen. Report also provides functional and technical data to facilitate and speed up incident resolution.

Data is accessible whenever you want on any web browser.

Report details

  • User details

  • Site

  • Date & time

  • Application involved

  • Business transaction

  • User experience

    User path: screenshots, user activity

  • Response time

  • HTTP/S Requests

  • Network performance

  • Citrix performance

  • Workstation

Seamless integration

Report is the perfect fit for your incident management workflow. Keep your habits, Report follows.

It also works seamlessly with the tools you are already using : ServiceNow, Zendesk, EasyVista, Slack, and many more…

We help you to stay organized. Every day !

Compatible with all kinds of application

Report is compatible with all kinds of application : WebApp, Citrix/TSE, fat client, emulation working on a Windows workstation.

This extensive coverage allows you to have one unique tool for your entire application portfolio. This coverage is especially noticeable for big organizations working on many technologies.

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