The solution for a proactive, efficient, and targeted communication.

Why ?

Most of the time, email is the chosen solution to communicate IS status. However, users are weighted down under the number of emails they receive. IT communications are becoming less and less efficient. isUp is reinventing the way to communicate: proactivity, real time, targeting, and efficiency.

Consultation interface

What is more frustrating than working hours on a broken application that won’t let you confirm the changes you made in the end? With isUp, users can check the status of their applications whenever they want to make sure they are working. Easy and simple, in only one click, they get the information they need and can better organize their time in case of widespread incident. You save them time, they will thank you back.

One click to check

Status overview in real time

Easy and customizable interface

Users manage their application bookmarks list

isUp everywhere, with you

isUp is accessible on your workstation, your smartphone, and can also be displayed in your open space. Users stay informed at all time, wherever they are.

  • Mobile app

  • workstation

  • Display screen

Warn users when impacting event occurs

In addition to the consultation interface for your users, isUp gives IT teams the ability to communicate proactively and precisely to group of users.

Bring up pop-ups on users’ workstations to let them know in case of impacting event.

Ensure great communication

Our administration interface helps you to ensure thorough communication through group management and templates. Set up user groups (e.g. HR, Sales, Accounting,…) to reach the right users with the right message. Standardize your announcements using templates and avoid any source of mistakes.

Smart weather

isUp is able to update itself without any intervention. For instance, isUp can leverage the data gathered by our other modules (Report et uxMon) to update status of applications. If you have a different source of data capable of fueling isUp, we integrate with it !

Of course, you can always take over automatic calculations and manually adjust.

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