Embrace a continuous improvement approach.

Why ?

Measuring and monitoring at all time the performance of your IS are the pledges of reactivity and quality for IT management team. Being able to detect any possible malfunction before they have an impact on users is priceless. uxMon has been developed to follow in real time the advancement of your IS in order to quickly react in case of malfunction.

Monitor your workstations

uxMon enables you to gather all the workstation-related data : response time, network performance, Citrix performance, workstation performance… You are all set to be proactive and react quickly in case of malfunction affecting your workstations.


uxMon leans on specialized Big Data technologies such as Splunk and Elastic Search to build up dashboards. Build dashboards out of ezOptima’s data that makes sense for you and your teams.

Real time cartography

Have you ever heard about visual management? Imagine how much easier it would be to detect malfunction affecting your IS through a map evolving in real time.

The spots on the map would represent your different sites and would get bigger depending on the impact on your workstations.

Either you want to monitor the number of incidents or the responses time, you will be able to measure impact and criticality of situations in a matter of seconds.


All our clients want them : they are visual and include all the data you need to take accurate decisions.

Dashboards are the perfect tools to correlate data sources together and better apprehend situations in which you are.

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